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SubjectRe: mem= option for broken bioses

> > From: Pavel Machek []
> > I've seen broken bios that did not mark acpi tables in e820
> > tables. This allows user to override it. Please apply,
> OK, looks reasonable. Can you also gen up a patch documenting this in
> kernel-parameters.txt?

You can, assuming you took the patch ;-).


--- clean/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt 2003-02-11 17:40:28.000000000 +0100
+++ linux/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt 2003-02-26 23:43:21.000000000 +0100
@@ -516,6 +516,10 @@
[KNL,BOOT] Force usage of a specific region of memory
Region of memory to be used, from ss to ss+nn.

+ mem=nn[KMG]#ss[KMG]
+ [KNL,BOOT,ACPI] Mark specific memory as ACPI data.
+ Region of memory to be used, from ss to ss+nn.
mem=nopentium [BUGS=IA-32] Disable usage of 4MB pages for kernel

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