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SubjectIs the GIO_FONT ioctl() busted in Linux kernel 2.4?

I have some old code that used to work great on older Linux 2.2 kernels
that is now giving me a perror() error message of 'no space left on
device' (ie: ENOSPC) when I call ioctl(GIO_FONT) to save the current
console font.

>From looking at the 2.4 kernel source code that comes with Red Hat 8.0,
it is clear that these functions are implemented on top of a new console
font interface that supports 512 characters and up to 32x32 pixel fonts
(obviously for fb consoles). From my quick look at the code, the ENOSPC
error must be coming because when the new code attempts to save the
console font it must have more than 256 characters or bigger than 8x32
pixels for the font glyphs (which is what the old font interface

I know I can switch to the new console interfaces (which I will do once I
determine how to do a runtime check for a 2.4 kernel so I can still use
the old code for 2.2 and earlier kernels), but it seems to me that this
bug should be fixed. Is anyone more familiar with the console code able
to provide some feedback on this?


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