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SubjectRe: lockups with 2.4.20 (tg3? net/core/dev.c|deliver_to_old_ones)
Pete Zaitcev writes:
> > Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 09:29:56 -0600
> > From: "Rhodes, Tom" <>
> > > there is a deadlock: deliver_to_old_ones()attempts to stop all timers
> > Until this is fixed, there are a couple work-arounds:
> > - Put the system behind a NAT firewall. [...]
> > - Switch to a non-NAPI driver. [...]
> I think you are a little late with these workarounds, tg3 1.4c
> is available for a week already.
> People using ancient non-NAPI kernels better upgrade to 2.4.20.
> If they really, really, really cannot upgrade (and this only
> happens when they are stuck with binary module crap), they
> should say "I will quit this tob tomorrow" three times,
> then use RH AS2.1 driver, only make sure to get tg3 1.2e3
> from drivers/addon/tg3 in 2.4.9-e.12.

Which non-AS RH8.0 kernel should one use to not get hangs from tg3?
I had to downgrade our Dell PE2650 from 2.4.18-24 to 2.4.18-17 since
2.4.18-24 and -19 caused bi-weekly hangs, while -17 and earlier never
had any problems. -18 seemed Ok, but the box didn't run it very long.

This is a compile server with very light network load: a couple of
ssh sessions, NFS-mounted home dirs, ntpd, nothing else.

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