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SubjectRe: VM problems in 2.4.20
On Wednesday 26 February 2003 20:40, Adam McKenna wrote:

Hi Adam,

> I'm having a VM issue on one of my servers running 2.4.20.
well, the vanilla VM, hmm, sorry: sucks :) for large boxen.

> As you can see there is plenty of memory sitting in buffers/cache. The
> problem is that when our daily cronjobs run, the box starts swapping and
> the load goes up to 30. The cronjobs are just the normal system cronjobs
> like updatedb, checksecurity, etc.
> I had this problem a while ago with 2.4.6-xfs and 2.4.14-xfs, but this is
> stock 2.4.20 and I was under the impression that the VM was relatively OK
> by now.
> adam@foxy:~$ grep -i mem /boot/config-2.4.20
> # CONFIG_NOHIGHMEM is not set
> # CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G is not set
> # Memory Technology Devices (MTD)
> # CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UMEM is not set
> Any suggestions?
yes, use either -rmap (1) or -aa (2).

1.) (Rik van Riel)
2.) (Andrea Arcangeli)

There is also a recent thread you may want to read:

ciao, Marc
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