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SubjectResults of using tar with 2.5.[60 63 62-mm3] and reiser[fs 4], ext3, xfs.
Greetings all,

I ran the following script for several recent kernels with
several journaling filesystems. I patched in reiser4 from, downloaded yesterday. Sorry, no jfs data.

for i in 1 2 3 4 5
time rm -rf linux-2.5.63
time tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz
time sync
echo ' '

The following data is from the 5th run in each case. The data seemed
fairly consistent, so I didn't average the runs. All the results are
saved if anyone cares.

The tar files were created on the file systems being tested.

Brief summary: It looks like the order of performance for this
particular load is reiserfs, reiser4, ext3, xfs.
Something changed with ext3 behavior following 2.5.60,
and xfs takes the biggest hit from anticipatory i/o scheduler, (for
this load).

Minor footnote: to get reiser4 to compile with 2.5.62-mm3, it was
necessary to s/UPDATE_ATIME/update_atime/g in some reiser4 files.



rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.02user 1.71system 0:02.16elapsed 80%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.83user 5.86system 0:14.09elapsed 75%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.03system 0:00.96elapsed 3%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.15user 3.26system 0:07.12elapsed 47%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.86user 7.93system 0:15.18elapsed 84%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.35system 0:01.17elapsed 30%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.02user 0.56system 0:03.02elapsed 19%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 5.04user 4.85system 0:23.03elapsed 42%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.04system 0:08.14elapsed 0%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.06user 2.46system 0:09.97elapsed 25%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.94user 6.47system 0:35.17elapsed 32%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.01system 0:03.53elapsed 0%CPU


rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.03user 1.73system 0:01.81elapsed 97%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.86user 6.22system 0:14.39elapsed 77%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.02system 0:01.32elapsed 1%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.18user 3.30system 0:06.50elapsed 53%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.86user 8.09system 0:14.82elapsed 87%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.36system 0:01.13elapsed 31%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.02user 0.56system 0:00.67elapsed 86%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.69user 4.77system 0:14.92elapsed 63%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.18system 0:15.11elapsed 1%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.04user 2.39system 0:07.07elapsed 34%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 5.11user 6.63system 0:38.43elapsed 30%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.09system 0:03.59elapsed 2%CPU

2.5.62-mm3 elevator=as:

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.03user 1.76system 0:01.82elapsed 98%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.96user 6.35system 0:14.09elapsed 80%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.13system 0:03.74elapsed 3%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.14user 3.25system 0:06.37elapsed 53%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 5.02user 8.31system 0:15.40elapsed 86%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.36system 0:01.21elapsed 30%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.03user 0.55system 0:00.75elapsed 77%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.75user 4.42system 0:16.83elapsed 54%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.18system 0:15.94elapsed 1%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.07user 2.46system 0:07.71elapsed 32%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 5.11user 6.80system 0:42.07elapsed 28%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.11system 0:03.74elapsed 3%CPU

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