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This patch updates UML to 2.5.63.  The major change in this patch is the
inclusion of hostfs and hppfs, which were 2.4-only until someone figured
out the 2.5 vfs changes enough to forward port them. This was done by Petr
Baudis, who ported hostfs. I used those changes to bring hppfs forward.
hostfs seems to work OK, although there is a loose end or two that needs
fixing. hppfs is non-functional now, although it does mount and mirror

There were also a bunch of bug fixes:
some interrupt blocking bugs are fixed
a ubd driver file locking bug is gone

The 2.5.63-1 UML patch is available at

For the other UML mirrors and other downloads, see

Other links of interest:

The UML project home page :
The UML Community site :

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