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Subject[PATCH] Add UML filesystems
Please pull

This adds the two UML-specific filesystems to 2.5. hostfs allows directories
on the host to be mounted as a filesystem within a UML. hppfs allows a UML's
/proc to be modified from the host. This is useful in honeypots by allowing
the UML /proc to be made to look like a physical box, making it harder for
an attacker to recognize a compromised box as a UML.

Note that these add the filesystems under arch/um/fs since these are only
usable in UML. If it would be better to have them under fs instead, then
I will fix that.


arch/um/Kconfig | 13
arch/um/Makefile | 1
arch/um/fs/Makefile | 17
arch/um/fs/hostfs/Makefile | 36 +
arch/um/fs/hostfs/hostfs.h | 79 +++
arch/um/fs/hostfs/hostfs_kern.c | 1008 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
arch/um/fs/hostfs/hostfs_user.c | 355 ++++++++++++++
arch/um/fs/hppfs/Makefile | 19
arch/um/fs/hppfs/hppfs_kern.c | 794 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
9 files changed, 2322 insertions(+)

ChangeSet@1.914.184.6, 2003-02-24 17:26:48-05:00,
Fixed hppfs_lookup so that hppfs does more than just mount OK.

ChangeSet@1.914.184.5, 2003-02-24 13:17:04-05:00,
Fixed the interface of stat_file.

ChangeSet@1.914.184.4, 2003-02-24 01:50:34-05:00,
A minor fix to hostfs.
hppfs now compiles and mounts.

ChangeSet@1.914.184.3, 2003-02-23 22:49:54-05:00,
Added a first-pass update of hppfs to 2.5.

ChangeSet@1.914.184.2, 2003-02-23 21:48:56-05:00,
Some small compilation fixes to hostfs.

ChangeSet@1.914.184.1, 2003-02-23 20:56:17-05:00,
Merged Petr Baudis' hostfs updates to 2.5.

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