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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.5.62-mm3] objrmap fix for X
>>> It occurred to me I'm already using (abusing?) the flag for nonlinear
>>> pages, so I have to keep it. I'll chase solutions for X.
>> Ok, the vm_ops->nopage function is set in drivers like drm and agp. I
>> don't think it's reasonable to require all of them to set PageAnon. So
>> here's a patch that tests the page on do_no_page and sets the flag
>> appropriately.
> Well, it runs fine, but I get truly freaky performance results. My machine
> might have gone wacko on me or something - the patch seems perfectly
> simple to me. Kernbench is all over the map - user and elapsed way up,
> system is down. Ummm .. probably all too strange to be true, and I've
> made a mistake, but if some more sane person than I could run a quick
> test, would help.

Pah. Debian stealth-upgraded me to gcc 3.2 ... no wonder it's slow as a
dog. So your patch is stable, and works just fine. Sorry,


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