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SubjectRE: lockups with 2.4.20 (tg3? net/core/dev.c|deliver_to_old_ones)
> >> Since sometime in December two systems we have on site using P4 HT
> (one
> >> Dell 2650 and one Dell 4600, both dual CPU, both ht/mce capable)
> been
> >> locking up without any kernel output and without sysrq keys working
> (the
> >> keyboard is locked solid).
> >>[...]
> >> Using nmi_watchdog I've managed to get a stack track and ran
> over
> >> it (attached).
> > Good report. To tell the truth, I know that this lockup exists,
> > there's an RH issue-tracker item against me on this.
> Several of us at HP have been chasing this problem as well. Here is
> there is a deadlock: deliver_to_old_ones()attempts to stop all timers
> from running and then blocks until all the timers are no longer
> This code is called from netif_receive_skb which is called from
> while it is holding a lock in the tg3 driver. On another CPU, the
> tg3_timer routine is run but is blocked by the lock held in the
> routine. The tg3_timer routine never finishes because it can't acquire
> the lock being held by tg3_poll on another CPU. That prevents
> deliver_to_old_ones from executing because there is still a timer
> routine executing.
> Here is the call stack of the deadlocked CPUs on a RH8.0 system with a
> 2.4.18-24.8.0 smp kernel:
> CPU 2:
> deliver_to_old_ones+45
> netif_receive_skb
> tg3_rx+27b
> tg3_poll+81
> net_rx_action
> do_softirq
> do_IRQ
> call_do_IRQ
> CPU 6:
> tg3_timer (tg3+9fc4)
> run_timer_list+0x112
> bh_action+55
> tasklet_hi_action+67
> do_softirq+d9
> do_IRQ
> call_do_IRQ+5
Until this is fixed, there are a couple work-arounds:
- Put the system behind a NAT firewall. This problem is caused by
another protocol on the wire, probably IPX (Netware).
- Switch to a non-NAPI driver. Since you're using the BroadComm NIC, try
the BCM5700 driver or switch to a different NIC.

While troubleshooting this problem here at HP, I have a couple of
systems that have run for over 2 weeks by using the above work-arounds.

Tom Rhodes
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