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SubjectRe: zImage now holds vmlinux, and config in sections. (fwd)
From a pure technical point of view, it seems just like bloat.  But from a
distribution, maintenance, etc point of view, it's a godsend. It's a config
option, just like devfs and initrd, so just don't use it if you don't want

One suggestion, make the config option have 2 choices to include it, one
which sets the ELF attribute to load it, the other which just puts it in the
file but doesn't load it.

Also, does it make sense to strip the kernel, reformat the symbols into, then put them back into the image?



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Subject: Re: zImage now holds vmlinux, and config in sections.

> I do appreciate that you find no use for this feature. You instructions
> work fine if one always compiles the kernel using the same discipline and
> and stores them under /boot on the same computer.
> Not everybody are always that careful. I know I'm not. I've copied tens of
> kernels to floppy ("cp bzImage /dev/fd0" because it's so easy to do), and
> lost track which one is which. I've copied kernels to other computers, and
> lost track which is which. I've made mistakes copying kernels to /boot,
> lost track which is which.
> I have been using Peter Breuer's proconfig patch and I have found it
> Just cat /proc/config, and there you have the config for the running
> - no matter if it was booted from a throw-away floppy, network or /boot.
> It only adds couple of kB to the bzImage, and I am ready to pay that
> If you are not - well it is a config option for that very reason.

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