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Subjectvm issues (2)

The new kernel 2.4.21-pre4aa3 is running now, but the box behaves
similarly. It still swaps quite a lot and much more than the rmap
vm. Both servers are under the same load.

One difference is the amount of free memory:

r b w swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in cs us sy id
0 7 0 5773620 202416 118076 2069716 5330 746 5330 766 4845 5597 12 14 74
0 0 0 3498044 13572 4144 4754596 74 0 75 6 642 598 5 3 92

The aa kernel keeps ~200MB out of 6GB of memory unused. I'm not
sure, but if we could reduce it perhaps there would be much less
swapping. Is there a way to achieve this?

Another notable difference between the two vm versions is that the
rmap vm maintains about 80% of memory on the active list and the
aa vm much less: between 4% and 12%. The rmap vm must use more
CPU, but these servers have a lot of processing power so it is not


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