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SubjectRe: Weird time-warping with linux-2.4.20/i586/gcc-2.95.4pre
On 25 Feb 2003, spake:
> What a wonderful bug. :)

Regardless, heavy network load *does* crash this machine.

It crashed again last night, on the 4th track of a transfer of 26 of
Chopin's Mazurkas over 100Mbit Ethernet (3c905 card, still).

A totally useless

Feb 25 02:06:15 loki kernel: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 008001c3
Feb 25 02:06:15 loki last message repeated 2 times

got logged this time. (Full oops? Whyever should I get that?)

My network card had been totally stable until today, and I never had any
problems before upgrading to 2.4.20 (although admittedly 2.4.20 was
problem-free too, for 30 days or so).

I'm really starting to wonder if I should revert to 2.4.19 :( with
unreproducible NFS problems on the UltraSPARC and now this... (FWIW, I
managed to get some *data* out of one of those NFS problems the other
day, when it sucked my mbox-format mailbox in and received garbage in it
place. The alleged `mailbox' looked very much like a Unix directory (one
of the directories on that filesystem, naturally; the fs is ext3)...)

2003-02-01: the day the STS died.
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