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SubjectRe: Minutes from Feb 21 LSE Call
Scott Robert Ladd wrote:

>I've worked with several game companies; AI just isn't a priority. Games
>need to be "good enough" to challenge average gamers; people who want a real
>challenge play online against other humans.
I didn't mean game AI. In real life, computers aim better than humans
do. In real life, that makes people want the AI, in a game, when the
robot is faster they don't buy the game.

I predict the US military will drive AI research over the next 10 years
because AIs can shoot better and faster. After the AIs mature on the
battlefield they'll start being more useful to industry (replacing bus
drivers, etc.)

In 15-30 years, AIs will be a big market, a huge one. Of course, people
said that 30 years ago and it seemed reasonable then....


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