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Subject[KEXEC][2.5.63] Partially tested patches available

I have carried forward the kexec patch set to 2.5.63. I have checked it
on a 1-way system, and 2-way tests are still pending.

There were additional syscall hijinks in the merge to 2.5.63, so anyone
that uses this patch set will need to recompile their kexec tools.

Minor changes to the base patch include the removal of two compile-time
warnings for unused variables.

The patches are available for download from OSDL's patch lifecycle
manageer (PLM):

Patch Stack for 2.5.63:

kexec base for 2.5.63 (based upon 2.5.54 version)

kexec hwfixes for 2.5.63 (based upon 2.5.5[89] version)

kexec usemm change (allowed 2-way to work for me):

optional change to defconfig to CONFIG_KEXEC=y

The patches are also available (with matching kexec-tools-1.8) here:


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