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SubjectRe: Scheduling with Hyperthreading
I have tried RH 2.4.18 stock redhat kernels and and 2.4.20 kernels. Both 
seem to
do badly.

Is there somewhere to look to see a history of the schedular work, or do
I need
to puruse all of the changelogs to get an idea of what kernel I should
be trying.



Mark Hahn wrote:

>>I would to a quick snap with top, and when I saw 99.9% I assumed the the
>>process had
>>been there during the time top was starting up.
>>Looking at /proc/(pid)/cpu, shows that with two jobs running they are
>>sticking to cpu 0 and 1
>>which are siblings
>ah, sorry if you said this, but which kernel are you running?
>you need a HT-aware scheduler, for sure. does your problem go away
>if you boot with noht?

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