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SubjectRe: Unresolved symbol error in __wake_up_sync
    sudharsan> We wrote a module in which we used
sudharsan> wake_up_interruptible, wake_up_interruptible_sync calls
sudharsan> and when I compiled it into a module with the
sudharsan> appropriate Macros, it gets compiled properly. But
sudharsan> once, when I try to load the module with insmod, I get
sudharsan> __wake_up_sync - unresolved symbol? What module should
sudharsan> I load to get out this error?

You don't need to load another module, since __wake_up_sync is part of
the kernel. You are probably running into a problem with module
versions. When you do:

$ grep __wake_up_sync /proc/ksyms

you will probably get something like:

c01147e0 __wake_up_sync_R08c2a6b5

The _R08c2a6b5 part of the symbol name is the version, which comes
from the ".ver" files in your kernel include tree. You will have to
include <linux/modversions.h> to get the correct definition for

By the way, 2.4.7 is an extremely old kernel, and you may avoid
problems by moving to something newer.

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