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SubjectRE: Thinkpad Keyboard nuttiness since 2.5.60 with power managemen t
> From: [] 
> I am seeing a strange keyboard related issue as well on a
> Thinkpad A20M. It seems if I walk away for say, 20 minutes,
> come back and try to input a password to KDE's screen saver,
> the FIRST keystroke I make is not recognized at all. All
> keystrokes after the first one register perfectly fine. This
> is on the laptop's built-in keyboard. I too am using ACPI. If
> I don't wait long enough it doesn't happen, so I do believe
> it has something to do with power management. I first noticed
> it in 2.5.61(first 2.5 kernel that would boot for me) and am
> currently running 2.5.63, where I still see it. I am not
> using modules.
> If anyone would like more info on this, please let me know.

I am seeing the same behavior under Windows on an IBM T20. This makes me
think it is not something the kernel is to blame for.

Regards -- Andy
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