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Subject2.5.62-mm3 -Panics during dbt2 run

Tried hard to test this, but all it does for me is panic.
Is this fixed in 2.5.63?
This is 4-way PIII system.
panic, while booting
Press Y within 1 seconds to force file system integrity check...
[<c02409e8>] as_next_request+0x38/0x50
[<c02385c6>] elv_next_request+0x16/0x110
[<c02823bc>] scsi_request_fn+0x4c/0x300
[<c023a358>] blk_remove_plug+0x88/0x100
[<c023a64d>] __blk_run_queue+0x1d/0x30
[<c0281739>] scsi_queue_next_request+0xa9/0x240
[<c023c060>] end_that_request_last+0x50/0x90
[<c02819d2>] scsi_end_request+0x102/0x120
[<c0281d31>] scsi_io_completion+0x161/0x4e0
[<c02a545c>] ahc_done+0x1ec/0x470
[<c02ab3fb>] sd_rw_intr+0x7b/0x210
[<c027b6f6>] scsi_finish_command+0x86/0xf0
[<c027b4d9>] scsi_softirq+0xc9/0x220
[<c0129515>] do_softirq+0xc5/0xd0
[<c010bf35>] do_IRQ+0x1c5/0x1f0
[<c0107340>] default_idle+0x0/0x40
[<c010a584>] common_interrupt+0x18/0x20
[<c0107340>] default_idle+0x0/0x40
[<c010736d>] default_idle+0x2d/0x40
[<c010740a>] cpu_idle+0x4a/0x60
[<c0105000>] rest_init+0x0/0x80

Code: 8b 46 14 8b 40 50 89 04 24 e8 5e 9b ff ff 8d 43 70 e8 c6 52

It died again, while bunzipping the db backup, but
i did not get the panic string


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