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Subjectmodutils: FATAL: Error running install...
With the latest 2.5-bk (and module-init-tools), my logs
are polluted with lines like:
FATAL: Error running install command for block_major_2
triggered with
# cat /dev/fd0
where the corresponding line in modprobe.conf is:
install block-major-2 /bin/true

The problem is reproductible with any 'install' command in

Looking at modprobe source, it fails on the system() call. The
fork()/exec() part works corectly (/bin/true get executed),
but wait4() fails with -ECHILD.

Running 'modprobe block-major-2' from the console works as

I believe this is once again related to the exec_usermodehelper()

Stelian Pop <>
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