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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ptrace PTRACE_READDATA/WRITEDATA, kernel 2.5.62

> FYI Frank, three things. First of all, I really don't like the
> interface of adding a second address to ptrace; I believe it interferes
> with PIC on x86, since IIRC the extra argument would go in %ebx.
> The BSDs have a nice interface involving passing a request structure.

I don't see the problem since we can pass up to 6 parameters on the i386
architecture. The extra argument will be passed on using the stack as the
other arguments do because of the asmlinkage directive. Using a structure
slows everything down too much; if you can use the stack I think it's
better to do so. What about that PIC?

> Secondly, the implementation should be in kernel/ptrace.c not under
> i386, we're trying to stop doing that.

The implementation is already in kernel/ptrace.c, only the usage lives
under the arch-dependent directories since there the sys_ptrace entries
are located.

> Thirdly, I was going to do this, but I ended up making GDB use pread64
> on /dev/mem instead. It works with no kernel modifications, and is
> just as fast.

mmm... I thought it would be convenient to use ptrace for all the trace


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