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SubjectRe: oom killer and its superior braindamage in 2.4
On Monday 24 February 2003 10:13, Mikael Starvik wrote:

Hi Mikael,

> Does everyone agree that killing a process is always the best approach
> to resolve an OOM? If the OOM is caused by e.g. a growing tmpfs or
> memory leaks in the kernel it won't help much to kill processes that
> may respawn.
Well, I don't agree that it's always the best approach. Other bad things, you
metioned it, can happen.

> Would it be useful if it was possible to register another oom-handler?
> Some architectures could then choose to e.g. reboot the system instead.
I'd like to see _an option_ (read: not default but an option, e.g. boot
parameter) that will reboot the machine after $specified_time if an OOM
killing action does not stop.

ciao, Marc

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