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SubjectRe: newbie question :- installation problemo 0x44 error partition gone, please help me.
On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 04:46:16AM -0800, GAURAV YADAV wrote:

> i have two hard disks
> hda - > 4GB
> hdb - > 40GB
> hda has no partitions and windowsME is installed
> hdb has 12 partitions ( including Linux Native and
> Swap file system)
> while i was installing linux7.1
> when i was in Diskurid for partitioning
> it told filesystem as 0x44 instead of Win95 FAT,
> but i ignored it and went ahead installing Linux.
> It went really very fine with no problems.
> but when i restarted it is showing me partitions
> of hdb in cfidsk but when i want to mount it is not
> mounting
> and say 'are you trying to mount extended partition?'
> and in cfdisk also it is showing partitions as
> Unknown,
> Even windows is not recognising those partitions of
> hdb. Is all my data lost forever, i am having very
> important data on my disk regarding my studies.

You are not using GoBack are you?

What are the kernel boot messages for these disks?
(dmesg | grep hd)

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