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SubjectRe: Server shipments [was Re: Minutes from Feb 21 LSE Call]
>> > What part of "all servers from all companies" did you not understand?
>> Average price from Dell: $2495
>> Average price overall: $9347
>> Conclusion ... Dell makes cheaper servers than average, presumably
>> smaller.
> So how many CPUs do you think you get in a $9K server?

Not sure. Average by price is probably 4 or a little over.

> Better yet, since you work for IBM, how many servers do they ship in a
> year with 16 CPUs?

Will look. If I can find that data, and it's releasable, I'll send it out.
What's more interesting is how much money they make on machines with, say,
more than 4 CPUs. But I doubt I'll be allowed to release that info ;-)


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