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SubjectRe: Remote execution of syscalls (was Re: Syscall from Kernel Space)

On 24 Feb 2003, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> >
> > coming to whats happening... lets see it this way... Theres a process (x)
> > that is migrated to some other node. Now any syscall that the process (X)
> > makes is to be shipped back to the originating node. Say i have a user
> > thread (Y) running and receiving requests for syscall executions. And now
> > if i execute a syscall, the syscall will be executed as of (Y) is
> > executing it, but i want the syscall to run as if (X) is executing it!
> > The process (X) still exists on the originating system, but is idle.
> >
> Sounds like you should let the otherwise-idle process X be the thread
> that waits for the connection and issues system calls. This is
> basically RPC.

but again... in this case i got to replace the loaded executable by one
that accepts the connections while maintaining the mmap, the open files.
Can someone suggest me how this could be done... I am totally unaware of
stuff like this.


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