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SubjectRe: Server shipments [was Re: Minutes from Feb 21 LSE Call]
> More data from
> Dell has 19% of the server market with $531M/quarter in sales[1] over
> 212,750 machines per quarter[2].
> That means that the average sale price for a server from Dell was $2495.
> The average sale price of all servers from all companies is $9347.
> I still don't see the big profits touted by the scaling fanatics, anyone
> care to explain it?

Sigh. If you're so convinced that there's no money in larger systems,
why don't you write to Sam Palmisano and explain to him the error of
his ways? I'm sure IBM has absolutely no market data to go on ...

If only he could receive an explanation of the error of his ways from
Larry McVoy, I'm sure he'd turn the ship around, for you obviously have
all the facts, figures, and experience of the server market to make this
kind of decision. I await the email from the our CEO that tells us how
much he respects you, and has taken this decision at your bidding.


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