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SubjectRe: 2.5.62-mm2 slow file system writes across multiple disks
Patrick Mansfield <> wrote:
> Hi -
> Running 2.5.62-mm2, I was trying to get multiple commands queued to
> different scsi disks via writes to multiple file systems (each fs
> on its own disk), but got rather low performance.
> Are there any config options or settings I should change to improve the
> performance?
> Is this expected behaviour for now?
> I'm mounting 10 disks using ext2 with noatime, starting 10 dd's in
> parallel, with if=/dev/zero bs=128k count=1000, then umount-ing after each
> dd completes.

Could be that concurrent umount isn't a good way of getting scalable
writeout; I can't say that I've ever looked...

Could you try putting a `sync' in there somewhere?

Or even better, throw away dd and use write-and-fsync from ext3 CVS. Give it
the -f flag to force an fsync against each file as it is closed.

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