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SubjectRe: CPCI stopped building
On Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Greg KH wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 12:21:44PM -0800, Rusty Lynch wrote:
> > Attempting to turn on cpci support on the latest kernel breaks the build.
> > The problem is that pci_is_dev_in_use() has been removed, but
> > cpci_hotplug_pci.c still calls the non-existant function in
> > unconfigure_visit_pci_dev_phase1().
> >
> > It looks like pci_dev_driver(dev) can be used in replacement (since that is
> > what driver/pci/hotplug.c is now doing in pci_remove_device_safe(), but
> > I haven't taken the time to really understand what is happening.
> Yes, Christoph sent me this patch a few days ago, and I noticed it just
> got into the the tree. I'm makeing a lot of pci hotplug core and driver
> cleanups right now, and will handle this one too.

That's great, thanks. As I mentioned previously on pcihpd-discuss, I've
got a couple of small cPCI fixes that I'll re-diff and post after what's
in your patch queue has landed.


Scott Murray
SOMA Networks, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

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