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    SubjectRe: [ACPI] [PATCH] 1/3 ACPI resource handling
    > > 1) This seems like a good idea to simplify the parsing of the resource lists
    > > 2) I'm not convinced that this buys a whole lot -- it just hides the code
    > > behind a macro (something that's not generally liked in the Linux world.)
    > > Would this procedure be called from more than one place?
    > Well, reducing code duplication *is* liked in Linux world. Use inline
    > function instead of macro if possible, through.

    Isn't it better to use functions instead of macro's? Reduces the code
    size--> less dirty cache-lines.

    I saw, by the way, several functions duplicated in the networking-code.
    For example a lot of them have a net_random-alike function. Imho they
    should use the net_random in utils.c. Sadly my patches were ignored by the


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