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SubjectCPCI stopped building
Attempting to turn on cpci support on the latest kernel breaks the build.
The problem is that pci_is_dev_in_use() has been removed, but
cpci_hotplug_pci.c still calls the non-existant function in

It looks like pci_dev_driver(dev) can be used in replacement (since that is
what driver/pci/hotplug.c is now doing in pci_remove_device_safe(), but
I haven't taken the time to really understand what is happening.


Here is the changeset comment:

ChangeSet 1.1002.8.3 2003/02/21 13:44:13
[PATCH] try_module_get(THIS_MODULE) is bogus

In most cases the fix is to add an struct module * member to the operations
vector instead and manipulate the refcounts in the callers context.

For the ALSA cases it was completly superflous (when will people get it that
using an exported symbol will make it's module unloadable?..)
drivers/pci/hotplug.c 1.11 2003/02/21 11:43:17
try_module_get(THIS_MODULE) is bogus

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