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SubjectRe: Linux 2.5.63
> <>:
> o Fusion Driver against 2.5.62bk3

This update is broken and strange in many ways, it would have been
nice if you actually sent this to some list for review before submitting..

(1) there's stuff like:

#define mpt_inc_use_count()
#define mpt_dec_use_count()
#define mpt_inc_use_count() MOD_INC_USE_COUNT
#define mpt_dec_use_count() MOD_DEC_USE_COUNT

but even if the old-style refcounting is deprecated now you can't
just simply remove it! you need to rearchitecture your code to
work with try_module_get/module_put

(2) and like this:

MODULE_PARM(PortIo, "0-1i");
MODULE_PARM_DESC(PortIo, "[0]=Use mmap, 1=Use port io");

Again. just because old-style module paramters are deprecated you can't
just remove them without replacement, use module_param() instead.

(3) you remove backward copatiblity code in one place but add lots more
in other places. this doesn't make sense - either you have a nice or
all releases driver, but not one that doesn't work everywhere _and_ looks

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