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SubjectRe: [PATCH] s390 (7/13): gcc 3.3 adaptions.
Richard B. Johnson wrote:

> I think you must keep these warnings in! There are many bugs
> that these uncover uncluding loops that don't terminate correctly
> but seem to work for "most all" cases. These are the hard-to-find
> bugs that hit you six months after release.

This was my change. Obviously the warning is a good idea in general,
but I don't see the point of scrolling through hundreds of lines
with the same warning in someone else's code. I actually plan to fix
these warnings in arch/s390 and drivers/s390 as well as include/
and make the s390 kernel compile with -Werror, but the rest looks
more like a task for the Janitors. Note that before gcc-3.3,
-Wsign-compare has not been part of -Wall.

Arnd <><
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