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SubjectRe: tg3 patches needed for 2.4.19/2.4.20
On Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Christian Guggenberger wrote:

> Hi,
> In former days there always had been some problems with broadcom GBit Nics. So
> I'd like to ask what patches for the tg3 are recommended for production use
> with 2.4.19/2.4.20.

I have created a patch for 2.4.20 for the tg3 driver from Jeff
Garziks and David Millers tg3 1.4c driver which I'm hoping will be
in the next kernel.

The patch is at

Note that because of NAPI the 2.4.20 driver will not work with 2.4.19...

I have been using this driver now for 6 days without a lockup (4 days with
2.4.20 and 2 days before that with 2.4.21-pre4) and it has
been working great. With the stock 2.4.20 tg3 driver we wouldn't get past
36 hours without a lockup...

James Bourne

> cheers.
> Christian

James Bourne, Supervisor Data Centre Operations
Mount Royal College, Calgary, AB, CA

"There are only 10 types of people in this world: those who
understand binary and those who don't."

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