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SubjectRe: oom killer and its superior braindamage in 2.4
> This exact thing happened to me as well, on a 2.4.20-pre that hasn't been 
> upgraded to 2.4.20 yet. The thing that concerns me most is:
> Why won't the system kill the process it claims to be killing?
> If, in Marc's case, the system wants to kill PID 2657, a lowly sleeping
> apache process, why can't it? This is a bug for sure.
> For me, there was some python process chosen as the one for killing and it
> repeated the 'Out of Memory: Killed process xxxxx (python)' for hours
> while making no progress. The machine was still routing packets but I
> couldn't log in. Sys-rq was disabled, so I was forced to use the big red
> button.
> Rik, any ideas?

But, did you follow that thread? Rik van Riel, already suggested a solution for
the problem.

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