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Subject[PATCH] page coloring for 2.5.62 kernel, version 1

Hello again. This version of the page coloring patch implements
"stealth mode", i.e. is as minimal as possible. There are many
cleanups, and a few mods for the 2.5 series kernel.

The biggest change is that the hot/cold per-cpu lists are individually
colored now, and the patch has the effect of randomizing the cache
colors of pages pumped into the per-cpu lists. The lists are still lifo
and still favor pages just freed.

No difference in kernel compile time on the K7 system I have; I suspect
that decoupling allocation of pages from allocation of pages to processes
dilutes the effectiveness of page coloring, but all of the schemes I can
think of to enforce page coloring to processes are much more complicated
than the one used by this patch.

Patch with /proc output:

and without:

Feedback of any sort welcome.
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