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SubjectRe: oom killer and its superior braindamage in 2.4
On Saturday 22 February 2003 21:32, Rik van Riel wrote:

Hi Rik,

> > > - Feb 21 10:04:57 codeman kernel: Out of Memory: Killed process 2657
> > > (apache).
> > > The above log entry (apache) appeared for about 4 hours every some
> > > seconds (same PID) until I thought about sysrq-b
> > > Is there any chance we can fix this up?
> > Yes.
> Never mind my last idea, it can be done much simpler ;)
hehe :)

> Does the below patch fix your problem ?
Well, this makes a difference. I filled up my memory with something else
before starting because of top's|ps' slowness with many processes.
I had about 400 processes. The test from yesterday had ~ 1800.

With your patch, was marked to get killed, every PID only once, no
apache or similar (good). ... But the strange thing is, that it seems none of
the processes, which are marked to be killed, get killed. So sysrq-t tells
me. Sysrq-i gave me the chance to get out of the OOM killing process and only
kernel threads were left + getty's so I was able to log in again.

ciao, Marc
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