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SubjectRe: ethernet-ATM-Router freezing
On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 09:49, Marc Haber wrote:

> These freezes occur on the machine actually doing the work. If I move
> the work to the other box, the freezes go with the work. Thus, I am
> pretty confident that this is not faulty hardware. I don't believe
> either that this is a incompatibility of the kernel since the systems
> in question have been working in this software configuration for two
> months before the problems started.

Your reasoning is wrong. It can well be a HW failure, those can be
load related in various way (memory failure happening when memory
is actually used, thermal failure happening on CPU load, etc...)

If the exact same setup worked for a while with same/similar loads
and suddenly started to fail, there are great chances it's actually
HW failure (possibly RAM).


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