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SubjectRe: [: Re: iosched: impact of streaming read on read-many-files]
On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 07:07, Andrew Morton wrote:
> No, we do not really need to implement RLIM_MEMLOCK for such applications.
> They can leave their memory unlocked for any reasonable loads.
> Yes, we _do_ need to give these applications at least elevated scheduling
> priority, if not policy, so they get the CPU in a reasonable period of
> time.

It isnt about CPU, its about disk. If the app gets a code page swapped
out then unless we have disk as well as cpu priority, or we do memlock
stuff you are screwed. I guess the obvious answer with 2.5 is to
simply abuse the futex bugs and lock down futex pages with code in ;)

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