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Subjectuptime reset on 2.4.11/12 (and maybe newer versions?) at +/- 500 days ?
yesterday, 2 machines went back to uptime 0 without a reboot
(think they booted arround the same time)

kernel 2.4.11 and kernel 2.4.12
(redhat 6.2 + updates)

is this a known problem that is fixed in later kernels ?

don't know the exact uptime anymore,
but i have an BitchX (irc client) running since arround the bootup

which shows :

| Client Uptime: 497d 18h 30m 20s

so maybe the uptime jumps back to zero at 497 days ?

current uptime on one machine shows :

10:09am up 18:24, 8 users, load average: 0.61, 0.35, 0.23

(this machine runs 2.4.11)

the other machine (with 2.4.12) :

10:11am up 15:13, 2 users, load average: 4.97, 4.84, 4.76
(load on this machine is also incorrect since yesterday (and top)

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