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SubjectOlder bk snapshots not found on (fwd)

Ave people.

I know has nice bk snapshots in the form
of patch-2.5.x-bkx.gz However,they are only against the latest linus
release. The problem is I have a 100% repeatable OOPS in 2.5.62 while
2.5.61 worked. Before I send in a bug report I want to nail it down to
which bk snapshot starts failing to make it a little easier for the
bughunters to find the bug. Is there any website/ftp whatever which
collects older bk snapshots?

And if the maintainer of reads this. May I suggest to keep
the bk snaphots of let's say the last 4/5 linus releases. Then people like
me who test the kernel a couple of days after release can start a bug hunt
and test bk snaphots from the past.


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