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SubjectRe: xdr nfs highmem deadlock fix [Re: filesystem access slowing system to a crawl]
Trond Myklebust <> wrote:
> >>>>> " " == Andrea Arcangeli <> writes:
> > 2.5.62 has the very same deadlock condition in xdr triggered by
> > nfs too.
> > Andrew, if you're forward porting it yourself like with the
> > filebacked vma merging feature just let me know so we make sure
> > not to duplicate effort.
> For 2.5.x we should rather fix MSG_MORE so that it actually works
> instead of messing with hacks to kmap().

Is the fixing of MSG_MORE likely to actually happen?

> For 2.4.x, Hirokazu Takahashi had a patch which allowed for a safe
> kmap of > 1 page in one call. Appended here as an attachment FYI
> (Marcelo do *not* apply!).

Andrea's patch is quite simple. Although I wonder if this, in

+ } else {
+ iov->iov_base = kmap_nonblock(*ppage);
+ if (!iov->iov_base)
+ goto out;
+ }

should be skipping the map_tail thing?
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