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SubjectAccessibility of variables between kernel modules

Am using 2.4 kernel . In this release i find that all non-static symbols
( functions/variables) defined in one kernel module are exported by default
to other kernel modules .
If we would use EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS this exporting of symbols is prevented .
However we can export one of the symbols in one module using EXPORT_SYMBOL
and then prevent the export of others by immediately calling EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS.

We can even use EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL to export a symbol from a given module ,
these could be accessed by
only those modules using MODULE_LICENSE() and are GPL compatible.

However my requirement is quite different. It is as follows.

I have two kernel modules A and B. Is it possible that the variables in
kernel module A should only be visible to kernel module B and no other
kernel modules in the system.
If so please help me out with some explanation.
Really appreciate your help regarding the same.

Thanks in advance,

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