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SubjectRe: [ATM] who 'owns' the skb created by drivers/atm?
David S. Miller wrote:
> Some people seem to be suggesting that we need to zero
> out ->cb before passing the SKB to netif_rx() but I don't see why
> that would be neccesary.
> It is true, the whole input mechanism depends upon skb->cb[] being
> clear on new skbs coming in via netif_rx().

Hmmmm.. I guess we've just been getting lucky before in that case - we've
always just left the ATM_SKB() stuff in there.

Chas - I guess you should just do a memset(skb->cb, 0, sizeof(skb->cb))
just before the netif_rx() in {clip,lec,mpc}.c and before the ppp_input()
in pppoatm.c to make sure it's zeroed correctly.

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