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SubjectRe: Remote execution of syscalls (was Re: Syscall from Kernel Space)

before anything else, thanx for the response, i was very much discouraged
by the fact that i did not get any replies...

coming to whats happening... lets see it this way... Theres a process (x)
that is migrated to some other node. Now any syscall that the process (X)
makes is to be shipped back to the originating node. Say i have a user
thread (Y) running and receiving requests for syscall executions. And now
if i execute a syscall, the syscall will be executed as of (Y) is
executing it, but i want the syscall to run as if (X) is executing it!
The process (X) still exists on the originating system, but is idle.

Someone please help me out!


On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Livio Baldini Soares wrote:
> Prasad writes:
> >
> > I am sorry for not being clear... but i think its time to tell you where i
> > needed it. I, as a graduating project am working on a distributed
> > computing system, a part of which is "transparent process migration in
> > non-distributed environments". In my system i would like to ship the
> > syscalls back to the original node(where the process originated). so for
> > that i have a kernel thread that takes the requests and is supposed to
> > execute the syscalls on behalf of the process (I have the idle task
> > structure existing on the originating node even after the process is
> > migrated to the other node). And the question is how do i do that.
> Hummm.. why not use the more "obvious" solution which is using a
> user-level thread instead of a kernel thread? Then you could make
> whatever syscall you want as a process. Seems cleaner to me, and I
> can't see any obvious disadvantages (of course, I don't know exactly
> what you're trying to do over there).
> You could have the kernel spawn a regular user process to receive
> system calls from the external node everytime you migrate a
> process. Or maybe even better, one simple daemon which is responsible
> for receiving syscalls for all external processes.

Failure is not an option

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