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SubjectRe: Remote execution of syscalls (was Re: Syscall from Kernel Space)
  Hello Prasad!

[Caveat: I am I kernelnewbie, anything I say can and probably is
wrong, anyway]

Prasad writes:
> I am sorry for not being clear... but i think its time to tell you where i
> needed it. I, as a graduating project am working on a distributed
> computing system, a part of which is "transparent process migration in
> non-distributed environments". In my system i would like to ship the
> syscalls back to the original node(where the process originated). so for
> that i have a kernel thread that takes the requests and is supposed to
> execute the syscalls on behalf of the process (I have the idle task
> structure existing on the originating node even after the process is
> migrated to the other node). And the question is how do i do that.

Hummm.. why not use the more "obvious" solution which is using a
user-level thread instead of a kernel thread? Then you could make
whatever syscall you want as a process. Seems cleaner to me, and I
can't see any obvious disadvantages (of course, I don't know exactly
what you're trying to do over there).

You could have the kernel spawn a regular user process to receive
system calls from the external node everytime you migrate a
process. Or maybe even better, one simple daemon which is responsible
for receiving syscalls for all external processes.

Or I'm way off park?

best regards!

Livio <>
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