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SubjectRe: oom running aim7 on 2.5.61-mm1
> This test creates memory pressure, but shouldn't OOM:

2.5.62-mm1 ran AIM7 compute and other tests without OOM.

> I'll try 2.5.61-mm1 with elevator=cfq.

I ran 2.5.61-mm1 with both default and cfq I/O elevators.
These results could be skewed by the mm_struct leak in 61-mm1,
but FWIW:

Default 2.5.61-mm1 I/O scheduler did better in most cases:

AIM7 dbase test:
load jobs/minute (higher is better)
2.5.61-mm1 8 76.6
2.5.61-mm1-cfq 8 68.7

2.5.61-mm1-cfq 16 100.0
2.5.61-mm1 16 132.4

2.5.61-mm1-cfq 32 136.5
2.5.61-mm1 32 198.7

AIM7 fileserver test
load jobs/minute (higher is better)
2.5.61-mm1-cfq 10 149.8
2.5.61-mm1 10 175.3

Tiobench ext sequential reads
threads MB/sec CPU usage max latency
2.5.61-mm1-cfq 16 9.34 14.06% 497.8 (seconds)
2.5.61-mm1 16 15.52 53.86% 5.2

More quad xeon benchmarks at:

Randy Hron

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