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Subjectcifs leaks memory like crazy in 2.5.61
Hi Steven,

I've been using cifs in 2.5.61 instead of smbfs (it has problems with
slab debugging) for 4.5 days now and I just noticed a bad thing.
I was looking at /proc/slabinfo and this jumped out at me:

size-64 1843081 1847421 72 .....

that's a _lot_ of allocations.
I tried to figure out what was leaking and every time I listed a
directory mounted from a samba server it increased. A simple ls -R was
scary to see.

Then I unmounted all my cifs filesystems (two) and removed the cifs
module and got this:

kmem_cache_destroy: Can't free all objects e8eefd00
cifs_destroy_request_cache: error not all structures were freed

Is this a known problem?


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