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SubjectRe: doublefault debugging (was Re: Linux v2.5.62 --- spontaneous reboots)
On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> + printk("esi = %08lx, edi = %08lx, %ebp = %08lx\n",
> + t->esi, t->edi, t->ebp);

Too much AT&T for you ;) '%ebp'

> + * We could print out the stack contents here: esp0
> + * is the beginning of the stack, we could print out
> + * all the code points we can find underneath it or
> + * something..
> + */

Simulator managed to dump stack for me, nothing interesting though

> +
> + /* This might be a point to try to kill the process and clean up */
> + t->esp = esp0;
> + t->eip = (unsigned long) do_exit;
> + asm volatile("iret");
> }
> }

Here is what i managed to fish out from the sim, not a real call trace,
i just piped the stack contents through ksymoops.

Trace; c02b97ec <doublefault_stack+fec/1000>
Trace; c02b97ee <doublefault_stack+fee/1000>
Trace; c02b97f0 <doublefault_stack+ff0/1000>
Trace; c02b97f2 <doublefault_stack+ff2/1000>
Trace; c02b97f4 <doublefault_stack+ff4/1000>
Trace; c02b97f6 <doublefault_stack+ff6/1000>
Trace; c02b97f8 <doublefault_stack+ff8/1000>
Trace; c02b97fa <doublefault_stack+ffa/1000>
Trace; c02b97fc <doublefault_stack+ffc/1000>
Trace; c02b97fe <doublefault_stack+ffe/1000>
Trace; c02b9800 <use_tsc+0/4>
Trace; c02b9802 <use_tsc+2/4>
Trace; c02b9804 <delay_at_last_interrupt+0/4>
Trace; c02b9806 <delay_at_last_interrupt+2/4>
Trace; c02b9808 <last_tsc_low+0/4>
Trace; c02b980a <last_tsc_low+2/4>
Trace; c02b980c <fast_gettimeoffset_quotient+0/4>
Trace; c02b980e <fast_gettimeoffset_quotient+2/4>
Trace; c02b9810 <pm_power_off+0/4>
Trace; c02b9812 <pm_power_off+2/4>
Trace; c02b9814 <no_idt+0/8>
Trace; c02b9816 <no_idt+2/8>
Trace; c02b9818 <no_idt+4/8>
Trace; c02b981a <no_idt+6/8>
Trace; c02b981c <reboot_mode+0/4>
Trace; c02b981e <reboot_mode+2/4>
Trace; c02b9820 <reboot_thru_bios+0/4>
Trace; c02b9822 <reboot_thru_bios+2/4>
Trace; c02b9824 <flush_cpumask+0/4>
Trace; c02b9826 <flush_cpumask+2/4>
Trace; c02b9828 <flush_mm+0/4>
Trace; c02b982a <flush_mm+2/4>
Trace; c02b982c <flush_va+0/4>
Trace; c02b982e <flush_va+2/4>
Trace; c02b9830 <call_data+0/8>
Trace; c02b9832 <call_data+2/8>
Trace; c02b9834 <call_data+4/8>
Trace; c02b9836 <call_data+6/8>
Trace; c02b9838 <cacheflush_time+0/8>
Trace; c02b983a <cacheflush_time+2/8>
Trace; c02b983c <cacheflush_time+4/8>
Trace; c02b983e <cacheflush_time+6/8>
Trace; c02b9840 <cpu_online_map+0/4>
Trace; c02b9842 <cpu_online_map+2/4>
Trace; c02b9844 <cpu_callout_map+0/4>
Trace; c02b9846 <cpu_callout_map+2/4>
Trace; c02b9848 <smp_threads_ready+0/4>
Trace; c02b984a <smp_threads_ready+2/4>
Trace; c02b984c <cache_decay_ticks+0/4>
Trace; c02b984e <cache_decay_ticks+2/4>
Trace; c02b9850 <phys_proc_id+0/4>
Trace; c02b9852 <phys_proc_id+2/4>
Trace; c02b9854 <cpu_callin_map+0/4>
Trace; c02b9856 <cpu_callin_map+2/4>
Trace; c02b9858 <smp_commenced_mask+0/4>
Trace; c02b985a <smp_commenced_mask+2/4>
Trace; c02b985c <trampoline_base+0/4>
Trace; c02b985e <trampoline_base+2/4>
Trace; c02b9860 <tsc_values+0/8>
Trace; c02b9862 <tsc_values+2/8>
Trace; c02b9864 <tsc_values+4/8>
Trace; c02b9866 <tsc_values+6/8>
Trace; c02b9868 <init_deasserted+0/4>
Trace; c02b986a <init_deasserted+2/4>

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