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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [2.5.61-ac1] set_rtc_mss back
On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, wrote:

> set_rtc_mmss: can't update from 5 to 55
> I used to get this message in early 4.5.5x kernels, and there was some
> discussion which I can't easily track right now, then it went away. This
> system was up for 25 days on 2.5.59+patches, and the console showed none
> of these since boot.

My bad, see below, I just lucked out not to boot at the wrong time, and
after that the problem doesn't happen (or is unlikely).

> I just built 2.5.61-ac1 and booted. The good news is that it is up and
> looks reasonably stable (rebuilt the kernel). Bad news is that this
> message is coming out often enough to make the console hard to use.
> No details, I assume that whatever fixed this before will fix it again,
> just so someone knows it is happening again.

Okay, now I see what's happening. In arch/i386/kernel/time.c, the routine
is far more limited than the comments admit. And the code tests for a 30
minute change, while the comments only say 15.

Since the code change is complex, requiring backing the time over an hour
and potentially date boundary, I just patch the comment to admit what's

--- time.c.ORIG Thu Feb 20 00:10:33 2003
+++ time.c Thu Feb 20 00:32:37 2003
@@ -169,7 +169,10 @@
* since we're only adjusting minutes and seconds,
* don't interfere with hour overflow. This avoids
* messing with unknown time zones but requires your
- * RTC not to be off by more than 15 minutes
+ * RTC not to be off by more than 30 minutes. It also
+ * will fail to set back the minutes over an hour boundary,
+ * say from 1 to 59, even though that's only 2 minutes,
+ * to avoid being off by an hour.
real_seconds = nowtime % 60;
real_minutes = nowtime / 60;
bill davidsen, CTO TMR Associates, Inc <>
Having the feature freeze for Linux 2.5 on Hallow'een is appropriate,
since using 2.5 kernels includes a lot of things jumping out of dark
corners to scare you.

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