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Subject[PATCH] PC-9800 additional for 2.5.61-ac1 (9/21) kconfig
This is additional patch to support NEC PC-9800 subarchitecture
against 2.5.61-ac1. (9/21)

Add selection CONFIG_X86_PC9800.

diff -Nru linux-2.5.61-ac1/arch/i386/Kconfig linux98-2.5.61/arch/i386/Kconfig
--- linux-2.5.61-ac1/arch/i386/Kconfig 2003-02-18 08:58:20.000000000 +0900
+++ linux98-2.5.61/arch/i386/Kconfig 2003-02-18 12:58:14.000000000 +0900
@@ -75,6 +75,12 @@

If you don't have one of these computers, you should say N here.

+config X86_PC9800
+ bool "PC-9800 (NEC)"
+ help
+ To make kernel for NEC PC-9801/PC-9821 sub-architecture, say Y.
+ If say Y, kernel works -ONLY- on PC-9800 architecture.
config X86_BIGSMP
bool "Support for other sub-arch SMP systems with more than 8 CPUs"
@@ -1197,7 +1203,7 @@

config EISA
bool "EISA support"
- depends on ISA
+ depends on ISA && !X86_PC9800
The Extended Industry Standard Architecture (EISA) bus was
developed as an open alternative to the IBM MicroChannel bus.
@@ -1215,7 +1221,7 @@

config MCA
bool "MCA support"
- depends on !(X86_VISWS || X86_VOYAGER)
+ depends on !(X86_VISWS || X86_VOYAGER || X86_PC9800)
MicroChannel Architecture is found in some IBM PS/2 machines and
laptops. It is a bus system similar to PCI or ISA. See
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