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SubjectRe: Bugs sitting in RESOLVED state
On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Martin J. Bligh wrote:

> > Also, several of my 'resolved' bugs have comments that clearly indicate
> > the fix has been merged. So, now I must go in a clicking spree, taking
> > valuable time away from hacking :) Don't we have kind and gracious
> > Bugzilla janitors for this sort of thing?
> heh ;-) will try to sort something out for that ... we ought to go through
> each one and do a simple check like that, before we send out such lists.

I went back through and marked most of Jeff's "resolved" bugs as closed.
The one I left as closed is number 85, concerning use of cli and friends
in hamradio. An inspection of the source in 2.5.62 shows they are still
there. If there was a patch to correct this, it apparently still hasn't
been merged in latest bk.

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